Dr. Chris Compeau

Dr. Chris Compeau - Western Toronto Thoracic Associates


Assistant Professor of Surgery

Surgeon in Chief

Phone: 416-530-6530
Fax: 416-530-6529

Suite 214, 30 The Queensway,
Toronto, Ontario

Surgeon-In-Chief, St. Joseph's Hospital

Christopher has been a member of the Department of Surgery since 1996. Dr. Compeau graduated from medical school at the University of Toronto where he completed his residency. He has received a number of prestigious awards and honours for excellence in both research and teaching.

Dr. Compeau is the former Department Head of General and Thoracic Surgery. He is the current Surgeon-in-Chief at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Dr. Compeau’s has clinical expertise in minimally invasive general and thoracic surgery, including a special interest in chest wall deformities (pectus evacatum and carinatum). 


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