Dr. Michael Augustine Ko

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Division Head, Thoracic Surgery, St Joseph’s Health Centre 

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Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Michael Augustine Ko is currently an Assistant Professor of Surgery, Division of Thoracic Surgery at the University of Toronto. He completed his Bachelor of Science at McMaster University followed by his medical degree at the University of Western Ontario. He started his general surgery residency but took a hiatus from residency to enroll in the Clinician Investigator program at the University of Toronto. Here, he completed a PhD in cancer genetics and molecular biology under the supervision of Dr. Carol Swallow at Mt. Sinai Hospital. He completed General Surgery as well as a fellowship in Thoracic Surgery at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Ko has won numerous awards in the fields of surgery and teaching. He has published in multiple peer reviewed scientific and clinical journals such as Nature Genetics, PNAS, Oncogene and Annals of Thoracic Surgery.  He has also presented his work at numerous international conferences in the Canada and the US. Dr. Ko’s clinical interests include minimally invasive thoracic oncology (lung and esophageal cancer). 


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